Solid technical base for solving creative tasks

We will take on all responsibility and bring the project to successful finale

You don’t have to get numberless consultations from different specialists or explain where cameras and monitors must be placed — that’s the area of Production. You can just immerse yourself in the process of creativity and enjoy the project.
We offer solutions
based on request
We’ll elaborate the options of technical provision for events of any format: private, business, mass. We ensure due level of confidentiality and protection, select services and players to meet your particular needs, protect you from attacks and technical failures.

Our solutions are based on already existing technologies with our own modifications and elaborations. That way unique tasks can be solved by using new elements and relying on a solid platform.
  • Agencies
    We will be a reliable partner for event agencies as we take on full technical production of events. We know how to work as a team, be flexible and proactive.
  • Brands
    We will think through every detail and offer the best possible solution thus saving you the trouble. We will provide complex technical support of the events: we guarantee high quality and are responsible for result.
  • Sites
    We will conduct analytics of the site and help to bring out its strengths. We will provide your site with sound, light and video equipment. We will find the ways for joint development and win-win cooperation.
Our relations with clients are built on the principles of openness and trust. The cost of services of technical support of events is customized for every project and depends on many factors.

We take appropriate care of your budget but we maintain reputation and quality, so we work with budgets starting at RUB 3,000,000.
  • Renting equipment for events
    We will provide all necessary equipment (light, sound, screens, robots and more) and ensure full technical support.
  • Online streams and telebridges
    We guarantee fail-safety and beauty of the stream. We will help to select a player, test telebridges in advance and do all it takes for your peace of mind.
  • Project management
    The project will be managed by a person with experience and capable of building effective interaction between you and the team.
  • Set design of stage space
    We’ll develop a design concept based on your task and implement it without any diversions.
  • 3D visualization of a project
    We will prepare 3D models and breathe life into a project already at the stage of its development.
  • Preparation and aligning of project documentation
    We will also take on all paperwork so that all is left for you to do is to enjoy the result.
We have substantial technical experience, expertise and a network of connections which enables us to make detailed estimate calculation of a project within shortest time. The team includes directors, script writers, producers who took part in execution of big projects in Russia and CIS.
Processing a request and defining the task
Our approach: based on the client’s task we by our own effort can put together the Terms of reference with the consideration of technical capabilities, budget and possible risks.
Technical concept development
We will transfer your creativity to the field of reality and work through all technical aspects. We are fully abreast of the latest technologies which gives us an ability to find solutions for any tasks.
3D visualization and estimate calculation
We will create an image of the result and plan budget for technical production of the event.
Elaboration of placement, connection and logistical schemes
We will delve into details in order not to miss anything.
Preparation of technical documentation and permissions
We will save the project from all complications of regulatory procedures and prepare in advance. We will get approvals for the use of equipment, provide permissions and technical passports.
Supervising at every stage
We keep technical organization of events under control at all stages.
✦ Robot-manipulators
✦ Lightweight kinetic mounts
✦ Spectators’ props
✦ Remote-controlled platforms
✦ Recording servers
✦ Kinetic installations
✦ Communication systems
✦ Equipment for online streaming
✦ Stage structures
✦ Projection equipment
✦ Light equipment
✦ Sound equipment
There is no production without a team of professionals
  • Creative Producer
    In touch with all members of work process — from customer to camera man.
  • Executive Producer
    In charge of organizational and financial matters during event organization.
  • Program Director
    Manages the team which prepares streaming, follows the program making – story editing, videos availability, infographics.
  • Technical Director
    Selects subcontractors, engages all necessary services for holding an event.
  • Lighting Designer
    In charge of harmonious artistic combination of the plot, scenic action and lighting support.
  • Production Designer
    In charge of visual solution in the frame: color, location, props, sets.
  • Site Director
    Ensures trouble-free and efficient functioning of the site, coordinates the work of technical services, controls CPP.
  • Technical Manager
    Solves all technical questions and releases the customer from the difficulties concerned with organization, preparation, mounting and dismantling of equipment.
  • Visualizer
    In charge of presentation and development of 3D objects. Creates setting and appearance of the event site. To learn more.
  • Design Engineer
    Calculates different parameters of stage and site structures.
  • Planning Engineer
    Develops plans for installing stage and site structures.
  • Streaming Producer
    Manages the stream creation and running process – from beginning to end of the event.
We worked on all big sites and are familiar with their technical capacities and particulars. We have the qualification and experience to execute most difficult technical tasks. Our team has sincere interest in the project, always striving for the maximal result and solving most diverse cases with enthusiasm.
Games of the Future
Show production, technical production, virtual production, integrated support of communication during the event.
JCB machinery presentation
Technical and executive producing, Kabuki curtain drop-off system, act with a robot

II European Games Opening and Closing ceremony
Technical and executive producing, ShowControl system, integrated support of communication during the event, augmented reality (AR), spectators' props.
All-Russian festival ‘Students’ Spring’
Technical and executive producing, ShowControl system, integrated support of communication during the event, augmented reality (AR), spectators’ props, VR zone for a VR artist, manipulating robot.
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Saint Petersburg