An interactive installation that allows you to create large monochromatic images that, when flipped, create a pleasant sound and capture the attention of the viewer

A lot of people have already experienced the soothing effect of flipping sequins on clothes and pillows, so we decided to go further and add similar panels to our portfolio.

They can be used as
✦ Interactive installations
✦ Displays for graphic pictures
✦ Information displays
Panels can work both with a preset mode and with motion sensors, which allows users to interact with the sequins and influence their position. The panel is made of modules, so it is possible to manufacture all the sizes you need.

✦ Dimensions of one sequin 13,5 mm
✦ Number of sequins on the panel 3136 pcs
✦ Dimensions of the modular panel 934×932×65 mm
✦ Dimensions of the active area 852×864 mm
✦ Input power 350 W
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