Show Control System is a powerful, flexible and reliable show synchronization and control system, that has no analogues in Russia and Europe

The main feature of the system is the synchronization of technical elements with multi-camera shooting, which allows you to plan in advance what effect, when and how to show on the screen. Screens with information for the area are placed all the around the site: how much time left before the artists go on stage, before the pyrotechnicians launch their sets, how much time left for the artist to get prepared and much more.

Anyone on the site can get personalized tips using their phone. You don't need to download any apps. Everything works through the browser in our network. Our system is synchronized with the audio timecode on the site, so the tips appear and leave always at the same time of the number.
We have created a method of combining the technical and artistic components into a single modular system:
  • Synch unit (show synchronization system)
  • Marker (multi-camera synchronization system)

  • LTC conversion and interface output with visual cues
  • Connecting clients via lan or seamless Wi-Fi network
  • Individual interface settings for each client
  • Compatible with any OS and display on any device
  • Interface transmission by video signal hdmi, sd/hdsdi, vga, dvi
  • Multi-level redundancy ensures uninterrupted system operation in any situation
  • If the main server fails, the system switches to the backup smoothly
  • If the episode of the show was started, even turning off the power of the server will not affect the system
  • Extra software modules for specific tasks

We have already used SCS during:
  • The Voice (Russia), ‘The Dances’ on TNT
  • Dancing With The Stars
  • Minute of Fame
  • Astana Expo 2017 Opening Ceremony
and a lot of other projects
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