Create new special effects with our projection surfaces: replace your usual screens with films and mirrors!

A universal solution for creating high-quality holographic effects or objects. Mirror film is a thin gauze, partially or completely transparent. This gauze (‘foil’) can be

✦ Completely transparent on both sides, can reflect images at the angle of 45 degrees and be completely invisible from other angles
✦ Partially transparent, reflective objects appear and disappear when exposed to the light from different directions.

Its main advantage in comparison with other analogues is the absence of seams — running width is 2-3 meters, one roll is up to 30 m.

Mirror film

The transparent and wide gauze material for creating large-scale 3D hologram effects. Imagine a hologram that looks so real that 3D objects seem to be floating in the air or surround the artist on stage. You can achieve this effect by using PepperScrim.

This material is easy to move. It is ideal for a holographic projection screen that can be set up in a very short time. Tension from 4 angles and the right type of projector are a key for getting the best results with 3D projection screen.


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