We conduct live broadcasts of events on any video hosting

How does it work?
  • Rehearsal
    • We will arrive at the site a few days before the event, test the Internet, draw up a layout of the equipment
    • We conduct a test broadcast to make sure we have taken into account all the details and go on air prepared
  • Broadcast
    • We prepare a web page, place a broadcast player and a chat on it, so that it will be convenient for the viewers to watch live streaming
    • Or we will air the broadcast to the social network you need
  • During the broadcast
    • Cameramen pay attention to the most important moments of the event and show the most crucial ones
    • The technical team monitors the whole process of the broadcast so that everything runs smoothly
  • After the broadcast
    • We write a report and make videos
    • We will send you detailed statistics on views and viewers
    • We will give you the full video recording of the event and edit the short videos
More options
Full technical contract
We will bring not only cameras and remote control, but also light and sound
Virtual Studio
Hold an event even on Mars, we will bring any idea to life
In more detail...
Graphic design
We will make and display graphics in your corporate style, including 3D and animated
Play quizzes with your viewers, conduct polls and votes
Conducted streams for
They open up additional opportunities to interact with the audience and promote your brand.

There are no borders — we will connect speakers from anywhere in the world via teleconference. Flexibility and compactness — we use only computers at all nodal points. Instead of a video mixer, there is a v-mix server.

Reliability. Playback videos are implemented by a separate source. All devices are 100% duplicated, including signal transmission lines.


  1. Testing the bandwidth of the channel
  2. We do tests of all systems in conjunction with each other
  3. We adjust the light, the balance of the cameras, the synchronization of sound and video
  4. On the eve of the broadcast, we make a full-fledged path with full connection and operating parameters (except for the number of active viewers)

Algorithm of actions

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