Perfect addition to the Kabuki Drop system
Capture viewers’ attention within split seconds — make your curtain fly
Sucks the curtain at a speed of up to 7,5 m/s
Your content can be projected on the curtain
sniffer drape
How does it work?
  • 1
    Special device
    A special device — a sniffer — rolls up the curtain smoothly and silently to show the stage, the artists or the product in a spectacular way.
  • 2
    When one presses the control button, the curtain is rolled up and hidden in a small compartment. The viewers see not just the effect of a falling curtain, but ‘the flight’ of the curtain — a flying projection screen.
  • 3
    A sniffer drape is not just a device, but a system that allows you to customize the curtain in accordance with the show script.
✦ Size of the curtain
✦ Timing
✦ Maximum speed
✦ Acceleration
✦ Deceleration

Adjustable parameters

Rental cost depends on several things:

✦ Task difficulty
✦ Curtain design
✦ Extra equipment (projectors, Kabuki drop system etc.)

Tell us about your idea and we will send you the estimated cost.


“Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away”

Further opportunities

The Sniffer device can not only suck the curtain dropped using the Kabuki drop system, but also move the drape to the side or raise it from the floor. Watch “Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away” to see the brightest examples of this solution.
Make your ideas come true with Kabuki sniffer drop
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