Made of telescopic uprights where drape is attached to

Used for zoning without extra equipment

We provide screens for rent — a quick & easy to use Pipe and Drape system
Pipe and Drape screens
With Pipe and Drape system you can:

✦ Build temporary walls
✦ Design a unique exhibition stand
✦ Create a neat and nice backdrop for the stage
✦ Decorate technical areas

Pipe and Drape rental is ideal for decorating concert and theater venues, fashion shows and exhibitions, corporate events and parties.

Use of screens

Pipe & Drape screens are made of fire-resistant materials. Drapes up to 5,5 m high are securely attached to the metal core and hide extra details.

Big screens consist of base framework with extra weights, telescopic uprights and an adjustable rod made of aluminum alloy.

You can rent a black screen, but we can also make a drape of any other colour if necessary.



Screen rental is a great option for the decoration processes and event management. Screens are suitable for any interior solution, they can be a wholesome photo zone, hide the nuances of the site and divide the room into functional zones. Pipe and Drape system is also a quick way to change the colour scheme of the venue, to make drapes for the shows and theatre performances, to arrange dressing rooms, backstage and welcome zones.

Make your ideas come true with Pipe & Drape screens

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