Reliable communication system is a key to the success of the event and well-coordinated work of all the technical groups. We provide you with the state-of-the-art equipment.

The transmission power of this model is 8W. The device has 16 memory channels, 3 programmable buttons. Sound prompts (‘hints’) that you can set yourself. The software is accessible and easy to understand, which allows you to customize your handheld transceiver. The reach depends on the site.

✦ Frequency 400–470 Hz
✦ Degree of protection IP65
✦ Operating mode digital/analog
✦ Number of channels 16
✦ Dimensions 136×58×36 mm
✦ Weight including the battery and the antenna 270 g

Handheld transceiver ‘Comrade’

Bolero operates in the 6.0 GHz DECT frequency range, which provides clean, high-quality communication between users. The system can be combined with walkie-talkies, communication panels, wired intercoms, tablets, telephones. You can also connect a mobile device to the Bolero and answer personal calls from your phone without being distracted from the process.

✦ Signal coverage 500 m
✦ Digital range 1,9 GHz DECT (new generation)
✦ Degree of protection IP65
✦ One antenna covers 10 users
✦ Extra options Bluetooth and microphone

Riedel Bolero

Matrix system designed for 32 transmission ports for analog and digital audio signals and data. Field of use: broadcast, theaters, concert venues, congresses, conference halls, stadiums, parks, airports, railway stations, security systems.

✦ Matrix system Artist 32
✦ Interface Director
✦ Number of users 32
✦ Max. number of ports in one frame 32
✦ Communication panels 8 pcs
✦ Bolero 8 pcs

Riedel Artist 32

Two-rack-height interface (19"/2RU) of the system’s base unit includes one or two radios, data processing module for monitoring radio devices and circuit design for matching the levels of the audio signal from different sources. Connecting and managing the system is quick and easy.

✦ Interface RiFace
✦ Communication panel 16 keys
Symmetrical analog line inputs/outputs (2х/2х)
✦ GPI opto inputs/relay outputs on DB9 connectors (3х/3х)

Riedel RiFace

Stationary communication panels. The most convenient and multifunctional solution for fixed communication posts for directors, control rooms and OB vans. 32 programmable buttons with individual volume control and mute option. One can work both in the headset and with mic.

✦ Communication panel 16 keys
Symmetrical analog line inputs/outputs (2х/2х)
✦ GPI opto-inputs/relay outputs on DB9 connectors (3х/3х)

Communication panels

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