Kinetic walls are a rapidly growing trend in the field of interactive solutions. With their help, you can display the company logo or any other desired shape

A kinetic wall is a set of interactive elements strung on rotating rods at a certain angle. When rotated, complex dynamic plasticity is created and the image appears smoothly. The mechanics of movements and the colors depend on the specific task.

✦ Dimensions of the module 311×466×635 mm
✦ Dimensions of the module with open elements 311×466×935 mm
✦ Weight of the module 20 kg
✦ Input power 180 W
✦ Control DMX512

Kinetic LED-installation

The installation consists of a number of moving elements. It can fulfill programmed tasks or be interactive, reacting to the movements of the audience.

We will design it in any size and color the customer wants. “Petals” can display a company logo or any desirable effect. The shapes of the elements can also be different: square, rectangular, triangular or even curved. There are no limits to the creative component of this solution.

Kinetic wall "Petals"

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